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Willer Timber Ridge

FOR SALE: "Instant Herd--Just add Water and Feed"
In order to maintain our 60 day calving window, we are making 16 cows available for purchase. These cows will calve between 44/5/19 and 5/26/19 and are bred to the three registered herd bulls that we have for sale as well. This is an excellent set of bred cows that would make a great herd by themselves. The bulls are top quality and have been used successfully here at WTR (we are keeping heifer calves out of the bulls in the herd). You can go to our sale page and look at the EPD's and click on the reg number to get the full pedigree on each.

3 Herd Bulls: 4 yr old Top 2% MB; 40% RE; 30% $B excellent for producers of freezer beef | 2 yr old Top 10% $W and grad of IBEP... excellent for cow/calf producers | Yearling Top 15% $B, 30% CW/MB... calving ease.
Cows are 2-7 years old; High Performance; Premium Health, All preg checked to calve 4/5/19 to 5/26/19...available as we are shortening calving window
Ave EPD for the Group:
Top 15% REA and $B
Top 20% WW/YW/MB/$G
Top 35% $W

View spreadsheet of the bulls & cows for sale.

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We are a family cattle business that began in 1995. We start in our pastures with dinner plates in mind.

Our cattle are a performance herd. Our goal is to provide "Customer Driven, Balanced Carcass Cattle". We do that by producing "bull-maker Moms" whose sons go on to "PERFORM" in test and in the pastures of America's progressive cattlemen.

The Angus cow is remarkable, and we expect our cows to do it all: provide us with a calf every year in a reasonably short calving window; wean a heavy calf able to develop a good carcass; and that calf becomes either a stout bull or another productive "bull maker mom". The quality of the cow is tested by the performance of her sons. Bulls are tested at the top national bull tests (IBEP-Indiana and Midland Bull Test-Montana) and here at the farm.

Upcoming Events Involving WTR

Date / Time Event / Location
  • EPD's
  • Ultrasound
  • DNA
  • AI
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Performance Testing
    1. Rate of Gain
    2. Feed Efficiency
  • Nutrition
Matched With

Cattle Sense
  • Power of Pedigree & Genetics
  • Structural Soundness
  • Fertility & "Mothering" Ability
  • Longevity
  • Feed Conversion & Feed Efficiency

The Results Speak for Themselves...


  • #1 ADG bull at 2014-15 Midland Bull Test (MT)... calving ease and power bulls and over all breeds (more than 1000 bulls)... we had 10 bulls at MBT that had ADG ratio of 114! Now that's CONSISTENCY
  • #2 ADG Get-of-Sire at 2009-10 Midland Bull Test (MT)... was also #6 WDA
  • #2 ADG bull at 2008-09 Midland Bull Test (MT)
  • #1 Performance Index and WDA bull at IBEP 2016
  • #5 bull for "Feed Efficiency" at MBT
  • High selling Heifer Embryo Pregnancy... Denver National Stock Show 2002... $12,000

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Willer Timber Ridge is approximately 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis off I-70 or 40 miles east of Terre Haute off I-70. Take the Greencastle/Cloverdale exit (#41) north from I-70. Coming from the north, come to Crawfordsville (exit off of I-74 onto US 231) and go south approximately 35 miles to Greencastle. Airport Rd is 2 mi east of US 231 off US 40 and we are 1/2 mi north of US 40 on Airport Rd(300 E).

Willer Timber Ridge
4342 S 300 E.
Greencastle, IN 46135

Ted & Kathy Willer (Owner)