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Willer Timber Ridge
Optimum Performance Bull and Heifer Sale

Optimum Performance Bull & Heifer Sale
Saturday March 9, 2019 • 1:00 PM
Beatrice 77 Livestock • Beatrice, NE

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Lot No. Reg No. Name
Lot 26 19174234 WTR 548 Niagara 846
Lot 27 19174198 WTR 109 Full Power 821
Lot 37 19174197 WTR 302 Destination 476-828
Lot 38 19174352 WTR 476-107 Desstination 855
Lot 39 19174354 WTR 476-241 Destination 861
Lot 47 19174204 WTR 9403 Innovation 811
Lot 48 19174229 WTR9403 HiTorque Traction830
Lot 49 19174156 WTR 216 Carcass Cut 839
Lot 50 19174132 WTR 607 Playbook 818
Lot 52 19174190 WTR X144 Weigh Up 813

We are a family cattle business that began in 1995. We start in our pastures with dinner plates in mind.

Our cattle are a performance herd. Our goal is to provide "Customer Driven, Balanced Carcass Cattle". We do that by producing "bull-maker Moms" whose sons go on to "PERFORM" in test and in the pastures of America's progressive cattlemen.

The Angus cow is remarkable, and we expect our cows to do it all: provide us with a calf every year in a reasonably short calving window; wean a heavy calf able to develop a good carcass; and that calf becomes either a stout bull or another productive "bull maker mom". The quality of the cow is tested by the performance of her sons. Bulls are tested at the top national bull tests (IBEP-Indiana and Midland Bull Test-Montana) and here at the farm.

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Date / Time Event / Location
March 9, 2019 at 1PM CT
Optimum Performance Bull & Heifer Sale
Beatrice, NE @ Beatrice 77 Livestock
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Sale Book

  • EPD's
  • Ultrasound
  • DNA
  • AI
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Performance Testing
    1. Rate of Gain
    2. Feed Efficiency
  • Nutrition
Matched With

Cattle Sense
  • Power of Pedigree & Genetics
  • Structural Soundness
  • Fertility & "Mothering" Ability
  • Longevity
  • Feed Conversion & Feed Efficiency

The Results Speak for Themselves...


  • #1 ADG bull at 2014-15 Midland Bull Test (MT)... calving ease and power bulls and over all breeds (more than 1000 bulls)... we had 10 bulls at MBT that had ADG ratio of 114! Now that's CONSISTENCY
  • #2 ADG Get-of-Sire at 2009-10 Midland Bull Test (MT)... was also #6 WDA
  • #2 ADG bull at 2008-09 Midland Bull Test (MT)
  • #1 Performance Index and WDA bull at IBEP 2016
  • #4 bull for "Feed Efficiency" at MBT in 2018
  • High selling Heifer Embryo Pregnancy... Denver National Stock Show 2002... $12,000
  • 2019 we placed 12 yearling bulls on Feed Efficiency tests. We beat the industry Avg. and pen Avg. for Feed:Gain conversion.
    — ADG: 4.70#/day
    — ADJ Feed:Gain 5.43# Feed per pound of gain.

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Willer Timber Ridge is approximately 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis off I-70 or 40 miles east of Terre Haute off I-70. Take the Greencastle/Cloverdale exit (#41) north from I-70. Coming from the north, come to Crawfordsville (exit off of I-74 onto US 231) and go south approximately 35 miles to Greencastle. Airport Rd is 2 mi east of US 231 off US 40 and we are 1/2 mi north of US 40 on Airport Rd(300 E).

Willer Timber Ridge
4342 S 300 E.
Greencastle, IN 46135

Ted & Kathy Willer (Owner)