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Willer Timber Ridge

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Saturday, August 21, 2021 • Noon - 1pm
At the farm • Greencastle, IN

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Sale Features

  • 43 bred cows
  • 10 bred heifers
  • 17 calves
  • 15 embryo lots
  • 26 semen including rare semen lots

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Heifers for sale

See the catalog for 10 Bred Heifers in this year’s sale!

The 17 Sale Calves by Lot Number

Sale Calves by Lot

EPDs as of 8/19/21

Embryos for sale

See the catalog for Z63 embryo (2 lots) and 13 other embryo lots

(5) Raven Powerball 53 (17632447) x Ruth S S Z63 (17287397)
A powerful female with a progeny ration on 4 head of WWR 110 - YWR 112 - %IMF 120 and REA 101. "Powerball" is a well-balanced, high quality carcass and high maternal bull owned by Sitz Angus Ranch, where females are highly valued. An embryo son by this cow at WTR sold for $5,000.

Raven Powerball 53Raven Powerball 53
Ruth S S Z63Ruth S S Z63

Projected EPD of the calf:

0.5 63 118 31 28 1.00 0.61 $55 $165

Semen for sale

See the catalog for well known and rare semen. There are 26 lots of semen!

NEW PRICE: $25 Semen…$25 Certificate (min order 10 straws)

Sitz BowTie 11956

AAA# 18385841 (Owned with Sitz Angus Ranch (MT) and Lienetics Ranch (NE)
(EPD‘s top 4% MB; 20% $M; 20% DOC; 40% BW; 35% $W; 10% $G and 30% $B)
Click here for photo

“BowTie” continues to perform beyond our expectations. For the 2019-2020 test, we had 6 bulls on Performance and Feed Efficiency Test with Werner‘s Feed Efficiency Center (IA) and the Iowa Cattlemen‘s Assoc.

“BowTie” is passing along his exceptional marbling (top 4%); plus he has passed along more growth, length, and thickness than we had expected; maternally his first yearling daughters just finished being AI‘d and they are a beautiful set of young females.

A “BowTIe” son, 19461839, finished the test of 106 bulls as the #1 marbling bull (6.19% act %IMF/ 5.99% adj %IMF!) with an ADG of 4.98 #/da vs test ave. of 4.31 (11% advantage!) and was the #9 bull for Feed Efficiency 5.32 adj F:G vs 6.12 test ave. (13% gain in feed conversion)…to top it off his DNA test shows him to be in the top 34% for Tenderness gene. Bull came off test 1287#.

At an early stage, “BowTie” is doing it all for us … CALVING EASE—GROWTH—CARCASS—FEED EFFICIENCY—TENDERNESS plus we think his replacement daughters will represent themselves well in our herd.

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Willer Timber Ridge is approximately 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis off I-70 or 40 miles east of Terre Haute off I-70. Take the Greencastle/Cloverdale exit (#41) north from I-70. Coming from the north, come to Crawfordsville (exit off of I-74 onto US 231) and go south approximately 35 miles to Greencastle. Airport Rd is 2 mi east of US 231 off US 40 and we are 1/2 mi north of US 40 on Airport Rd(300 E).

Willer Timber Ridge
4342 S 300 E.
Greencastle, IN 46135

Ted & Kathy Willer (Owner)